Bayern Munich top Players & Managers salary (weekly)

Bayern Munich is one of the top clubs of the world. They are now the best team in Bundesliga and they are in good form as well. They have some top world class players with them playing for a while now. Even though most of the players are from World Cup Winning German national team but there are sensational players like Ribery, Robben and others playing with them. Here we have the weekly payment these world class players receive from the club. This may change anytime if the team management allows it so, don’t think that this rate is 100% fixed or something like that. A players salary can change each week if the team management allows it.



the salary structure of top Bayern Munich players are below –

Player name ——– Weekly Salary

1. Manuel Neuer —–105,000$

2.Tom Starke ——–35,000$

3. Dante ————–80,000$

4. Rafinha ————60,000$

5. Boateng ————70,000$

6. Lahm ————–120,000$

7. David Alaba ———40,000$

8. Badstuber ———–65,000$

9. Ribery ————–165,000$

10. Martinez———–75,000$

11. Gotze ————–115,000$

12. Schweinsteiger —–135,000$

13. Robben ————-165,000$

14. Pizarro ————–80,000$

15. Muller ————–85,000$


from this structure we can see that Ribery and Robben are the highest paid players playing at Bayern Munich at the moment. Most German top players are paid over a 100,000 per week and that is a great amount of money. The salaries of these players varies and most of the time due to their effort, it increases. However there are 9 other players playing at Bayern Munich with salaries that we did not include. They are also capable players.

Bayerns manager is Gardiola and he is contracted with 24 million dollar per year as his salary. He is the most paid coach at the moment in the history of soccer.




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