Barcelona won Copa Del Ray – 2015

Athletic Bilbao couldn’t do it. By comparison they were nowhere near Barcelona but they were the team with the most wins after the Spanish giants and thus there were no way to underestimate them. They even have more wins than Real Madrid in Copa Del Ray. But the match was at Camp Nou and there isn’t many team in the world that can even think of defeating Barcelona at Camp Nou. perhaps that was what decided the match long before it even started. All that was left was Barcelona to formerly win this match.


It all started with Messi. From his pass Neymar was the one to find the back of opponents net first time but that was on off-side. So that didn’t count. However, they could not stop Messi for long as on the 20th minute he scored an absolutely marvelous goal. Some are already considering it one of the best in Copa Del ray history and perhaps one of the best of all time. he left 4 players to dust when he scored this goal. After that Bilbao couldn’t come back. Later Neymar double the score in the first half and Messi tripped it in the 2nd half. Few minutes before the end of the match Athletic Bilbao did manage to get a goal but that didn’t do anything as by then it was decided that Barcelona are winning this. Don’t think Suarez was not on fire as he could have the 2nd goal himself but he made the pass to neymar, who scored it easily.

here is the highlights of this match –



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