Barcelona wins the treble in 2015

If the question is asked that how many teams won treble in one year then the number won’t even reach 10 teams and teams like Chelsea, Real Madrid, Arsenal and such never managed it. If the question is asked, is there any team that won three major trophies within 1 year twice then the answer as of today would be YES. There is such a team that achieved this feat more than once. A feat that is considered nearly impossible and there is one team that manged to do this more than once. The name of that team is none other than Barcelona.

Lets get back 13 years. Back then Barcelona was just one of the teams playing La Liga. One of the good teams but in front of Real Madrid and Manchester United, they were like babies. but everything changed. In last 10 yeras they won the La Liga 7 times. This was their 4th Champions League in last 13 years. That is how much this team has changed in this time.


Winning 1 treble is considered the best that one team can achieve and winning two, what can i say about that. Under the golden leadership of Pep Gardiola in his first season, Barcelona managed to achieve this great result and we all know what Gardiola did for Barcelona can never be forgotten. he created a new way of playing for them. But after he left, things went rough for Barcelona.

After a long time they spend a year without any trophies but that was 2013-2014 season. In the start of this season Luis Enrique took the team in his hand. The start was rough. Barcelona went behind Real Madrid despite having better start and many rumors started to fly but things got well with the start of this year. Few matches and once again Barcelona was at the top of everything. They got La Liga 1 match before the end of season, defeated Bilbao in their home field in a grand style and they ended it with the victory over Juventus. With this they won all the 3 important trophies this year. they perhaps really is the best team of the world at the moment.



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