Barcelona players quotes after winning Champions League 2015

Barcelona created history and won the Champions league twice as the first European country. Let’s take a look at what the players of this team is thinking after creating history and showing everyone that they are simply the best. Here is the quotes given by these players in various sites and twitter.


Luis Enrique said –

“Thanks to the people who believed in me, in the first place Zubizarreta and assistants. And also the president.”

Suarez said –

“I dedicate the title to everybody who suffered with me at the start of the season. Teammates, family & fans”

Lionel Messi gave the below picture in Instagram and said –

“Championsssssss!!!!!!!!!! Let’s goooo.”


Iniesta said –

“Once again we’ve shown what this team can do. We should be proud of that””

Iniesta also added –  “Hopefully the coach will stay. This season was spectacular, but we have new challenges ahead.”

the captain of Barcelona team and the man playing his last match in this jersey, Xavi said –

“There are no words, I can’t ask for any more. To leave this way is perfect.”


other than these, Pique was found cutting the net for more than half-an hour so that he can keep a souvenir. He was also seen playing with his child. two Barcelona players made quite a weird celebration as well. It was the last match of midfield talisman Xavi and everybody honored him. Louis Enrique was found flying around thanks to all the players throwing him in the air.




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