Barcelona – one step closer to a treble and history

Its been about 10 years or so that Lionel Messi is playing in Barcelona. Its also been nearly 5 years that Ronaldo is in Real Madrid. So, some could say that the last 5 years should have been divided between Real and Barcelona. But La Liga is showing a complete difference in that part. Real Madrid is the most accomplished Spanish Team in history but if it continues like this then it wont be long before the history decides to change.

in last 10 years where Real Madrid managed to win the La Liga only 3 times where Messi’s Barcelona got the cup 6 times which is double of Real Madrid. Some may say that Barcelona won 3 back to back La Liga when Real didn’t have Ronaldo, bale or such players with them. Then the question arises what have Ronaldo done in Real? Truth is very harsh for the Portuguese winger. in his 5 years with Real, his club won the La Liga only once where Messi and His Barcelona got 3 times. Barcelona is slowly but surely catching up to Real Madrid and perhaps in near future they would surpass Real Madrid.


Now lets take a look at this year. flying start for Barcelona and Devastating start for Real Madrid is how this season started. But, while Barcelona was going at an steady pace, Real fired and by the start of this year they were at the top position with a 4points difference and Ronaldo was over 10 goals ahead of Messi.

But the new year brought changes. Ronaldo was out of form and Messi’s steady going took a spark. the huge 10 goal difference came to a tie and eventually the goal difference was only few goals, although Ronaldo is still ahead. the goalscorer trophy might come in his hand but it’s Messi’s Barcelona that gets the La Liga trophy.


Barcelona on the other hand is close to win a treble this season. They are at the final of Champions League and Copa Del Ray. They still have the possibility of winning of all 6 trophies that any club can win in a season. Overall, this season is progressing very well for them.



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