Arsenal Vs Monaco 1 – 3 Highlights 25-2-2015 (Champions League)

Though English media was much more confident about Arsenal against Monaco and told that they were more then confident to  win against Monaco but they simply got the answer cause no one knows the result of a match. On the basis of the recent weeks performance, both team have 50% possibility to win. Cause of the win win situation of Arsenal last matches in English Premier league, this environment created. Otherwise, Monaco was the favourite of this event.

Cause of quality attack and defensive skill of Monaco, they simply destroy Arsenal. Though this 2 – 0 isn’t big different but they playing attitude shows that Arsenal was childish against Monaco. First goal for Monaco scored by Geoffrey Kondogbia on 38′, 2nd one done by Dimitar Berbatov on 53′ and 3rd one is done by Ferreira-Carrasco.

Arsenal 1 – 3 Monaco – Highlights

38′ 0 – 1 Geoffrey Kondogbia

53′ 0 – 2 Dimitar Berbatov

90′ 1 – 2 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

90′ + 3′ 1 – 3 Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco

Enjoy Arsenal Vs Monaco 1 – 3 Highlights of full match longer video, all goals replay by Dimitar Berbatov & Geoffrey Kondogbia …





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