Aguero scored 4 goals alone

The match of Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur became more like Penalty than actual game. This match has seen 4 penalties in its 90 minutes but it’s too bad that only 2 goals were scored from this 4 penalties.

But the main hero of this match is Argentine Forward Sergio Aguero. This striker scored 4 goals on his own in this match. Thanks to his four goals, Manchester City won this match against Tettenham Hotspur by the score of 4-1. It becomes clear fro this scorecard that the entire goals Manchester city scored came from the boot of this Argentine.

Aguero started his goal festival for this match very early in the match on 13th minute. But Tottenham fought back and only after 2 minutes of Aguero’s first goal they tied the game from the goal of Cristian Eriksen. But they couldn’t keep this up as Aguero again scored 5 minutes later from a Penalty. Before the half time he got a chance to complete his hat-trick but the penalty shot was stopped by Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Loris. Tottenham got their first penalty at the 62nd minute of the game but they failed to go past Manchester goalkeeper. The Tottenham striker Sodado didn’t manage to tie the score this time around. To make things worse Fedorika Fazio fouled Aguero in the penalty area very badly and the refry was forced to show him a red card. Penalty was again given To Manchester and Aguero again took the shot. But unlike last time, Aguero found the back of opponents net this time and completed his hat-trick. This is his first hat-trick of this season. He then scored another goal from an amazing finish on 75th minute of the game. Thus he scored 4 goals in this match completed the match in top playing.

The highest amount penalty given in an English Premier League was 5 penalties in 1989. On that year Crystal Palace and Briton faced off against each other and the highest amount of penalties was written on that day. This match between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur was 1 penalty short from touching that record.