Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying fixture for November, 2014

The Africa Cup of Nations or AFCON Qualifier matches will be blazing this November as teams get ready to face off against each other to make sure they can go through next round to the other round and compete for the trophy.

Date Match Of Time
14 November Algeria VS Ethiopia 17:00
14 November Angola VS Gabon 17:00
14 November Botswana VS Tunisia 17:00
14 November Cameroon VS D. R. Congo 17:00
14 November Cape Verde VS Niger 17:00
14 November Congo VS Nigeria 17:00
14 November Egypt VS Senegal 17:00
14 November Lesotho VS Burkina Faso 17:00
14 November Malawi VS Mali 17:00
14 November Mozambique VS Zambia 17:00
14 November Sierra Leone VS Ivory Coast 17:00
14 November South Africa VS Sudan 17:00
14 November Togo VS Guinea 17:00
14 November Uganda VS Ghana 17:00
19 November Burkina Faso VS Angola 17:00
19 November D.R. Congo VS Sierra Leon 17:00
19 November Ethiopia VS Malawi 17:00
19 November Gabon VS Lesotho 17:00
19 November Ghana VS Togo 17:00
19 November Guinea VS Uganda 17:00
19 November Ivory Coast VS Cameroon 17:00
19 November Mali VS Algeria 17:00
19 November Niger VS Mozambique 17:00
19 November Nigeria VS South Africa 17:00
19 November Senegal VS Botswana 17:00
19 November Sudan VS Congo 17:00
19 November Tunisia VS Egypt 17:00
19 November Zambia VS Cape Verde 17:00

There are some interesting lineups in the fixture and this will become the overview’s point of view on our post.

Overview –

Nigeria VS South Africa match will be the biggest point of attraction in November at AFCON. The Super eagles will fight to show that they are better than the infamous South Africa and if they perform well then they might even have a chance to win the trophy.

Cameroon VS Ivory Coast will be another source of excitement for the football lovers but in my eyes this match is on Cameroon’s favor but it might go ether way.

South Africa VS Sudan, Egypt VS Senegal, Algeria VS Ethiopia, Congo VS Nigeria and some other games will be focused by football lovers from all over the world.

Football stars like Drogba and Eto’o will play on these matches and I can guarantee that they will enhance the games even further,

Overall in November AFCON will be full of surprises. People of the world cant wait for the arrival of such exciting games.




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